P6 part 2, shoot 1

For the second part of P6 I wanted to create a piece about the books I loved as a child. Reading is one of my favourite past times and if it wasn't for these fantastic characters and the authors that bought them to life I wouldn't be such a keen reader now. So, with the idea that these books still have an influence over my life now that I'm 20 I set about creating images that bought the main characters into my world.

I picked 6 characters from 6 different books and scanned pretty much every illustrations I which I then printed and cut out (that was a task and a half!).

This was my first shoot, I photographed the locations separately and re photographed them as a background image while holding the cut out character in front. The quality isn't great but they are only test shots. Feedback on these was mixed, one lecturer liked then and another wasn't too keen. Personally, I think they have potential if the background image was better quality.