P6: The Constructed image- Still life assignment

The P6 module is split into two assignments and for this first one I have had to create a series of 5 still life images in the studio. 

I was stuck for what to do for quite a while but eventually came up with the idea of photographing objects from a birds eye view so that the viewer has to guess what they are. The objects I have picked all have some kind of personal significance to me and in the final piece the images are accompanied by a card of hand written text explaining why.

I found working with the white background a challenge as it was difficult to get the tone consistent over the different shoots. 

When I was deciding on the final presentation and positioning of the text I considered scanning the index cards and layering them using Photoshop, but I think including the actual card gives the work back some substance as it all just seemed too flat otherwise.

This brief has actually been very exiting as I learnt how to use a Phase 1 digital back with a Hasselblad camera. I really like this equipment because it makes you take as much care as if you're using film but the images are digital. And the quality is amazing!