Discovering the River Sherbourne

In the last couple of months last year I began a new project. I pondered for a long time after graduation trying to think up an interesting idea and I think I might have found it. 

Coventry's hidden river, the River Sherbourne, flows from its source near Allesley, under the streets of the centre of the city, to Baginton where it joins the river Sowe. Given that the river is surely the reason Coventry was built here in the first place it now feels to me to be undervalued and neglected. There are plans to uncover part of the the river in the city centre and clean it up but I do think that it's a great shame that it doesn't appear to have been looked after for such a long time.

As I'm not sure at this point where the project is going to take me and I've not done a huge amount of landscape photography before my starting point for taking photos is to document the course of the river whilst researching and learning about historic use of the river.

For my first shoot I went on a recce to Hawks End in search of the source of the river and this is what I found when I got there... 

As you can see, I struggled a little bit. In some spots it's very difficult to see the river through all of the foliage. I'm hoping that at least some of this fall off over winter and there'll be a better view of the water.